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01 March 2019

Immigration appeals: Surge in decisions overturned last year

21 February 2019
Four out of every 10 appeals against Immigration New Zealand decisions have been upheld - leading immigration advisers to wonder if even more people may be missing out on residence because of flawed assessments.

AUDIO: More immigration calls overturned in 2018 than any other year

21 February 2019
Immigration New Zealand's decisions have been successfully overturned more times in the last year than at any time in its history. An immigration lawyer says staff turnover, delays in processing and heavy workloads have led to inconsistencies and mistakes in visa processing. One immigrant, who successfully appealed, says he knows people who have had to leave the country as a result of a bad decision. Gill Bonnett reports.

China chill hits New Zealand schools: Student downturn

18 February 2019
The number of Chinese students enrolling in New Zealand schools has plunged by more than 1000 this year, amid record numbers of last-minute cancellations.
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