22 October 2018
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+64 (0)21 02530726
+64 (0)21 02530726
110 Reeves Road, Pakuranga Heights
Manukau City
Manukau City
New Zealand
110 Reeves Road
Pakuranga Heights
New Zealand
Milly Zhang

Ms Milly Zhang

New Hope Immigration & Translation Services Ltd


Employment Services

Education & Training

International Removals

New Hope Immigration and Translation Services is based in East Auckland.


We provide professional advice on NZ student visas, skilled migrant visas, family category visas, work visas,  decision reviews, section61 requests and appeals.


We have court-approved interpreters providing accurate and reliable translation and interpreting services for business meetings, conferences, civil/criminal legal interpreting, certified immigration documents translation, medical reports translation etc. Languages are Cantonese, Mandarin and English.