23 December 2019
Please note that the NZAMI office will be CLOSED from Monday, 23rd December 2019 and will re-open again on Monday, 06th January 2020. All CPD orders received before close of business Wednesday, 18th December 2019 will be processed prior to the offices closing, however any CPD orders received from 19th December 2019 will be processed only once the office re-opens on the 06th of January 2020.

Cabinet considered deporting parents of departing immigrants

21 November 2019
Newly released documents reveal Cabinet considered whether immigrants should be forced to take their elderly parents with them if they leave the country.

Forever home - Why immigrants chose New Zealand

15 November 2019
Now We Are (Five) Million - Three in 10 people living here were born overseas. But why do they come, and can New Zealand continue to attract skilled migrants in the face of increased global competition? Insight’s Philippa Tolley investigates.

Government reveals new system for arranged marriages and partnership

13 November 2019
The Government is introducing a new system for arranged marriages to make it easier for foreigners in genuine relationships to apply for partnership visas.
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