Webinar - Webinar on the Immigration Global Management System Tuesday 1st December 2020

01 December 2020

Government to let in 2000 fruit pickers from Pacific - but with catch

27 November 2020
Two thousand workers from the Pacific will come to New Zealand early next year to pick fruit for the horticulture and wine industries. Their arrival is hoped to cover a huge hole in the labour force and avert what many growers have been calling a crisis. But there are Government conditions to the deal.

Election 2020: Immigration reset or a new normal?

28 September 2020
New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says the border will re-open sooner than people think and mass immigration should be consigned to the past.

National's plan for more foreign workers, students, tourists, Pacific

22 September 2020
The National Party wants to open up the borders to let in more foreign workers and international students as well as people from Covid-free countries including Pacific nations.
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