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New Zealand's leading professional association for immigration advisers since 1989, works closely with Immigration New Zealand and the Immigration Advisers Authority in its commitment to playing a major role in building the professionalism of the immigration industry in New Zealand.

Since 1989, the NZAMI, a not-for-profit and leading professional association for immigration advisers and lawyers, works closely with Immigration New Zealand, the Immigration Advisers Authority and the National and District Law Societies to play a major role in building the New Zealand immigration industry’s professionalism.

The association is governed by a Board of Directors, who are elected annually by the NZAMI membership. They are bound to the NZAMI Code of Ethics and, for lawyers, the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act (Lawyers: Conduct and Client Care) Rules 2008. These are for the protection and care of migrants to New Zealand. The affairs of NZAMI are managed by its Board of Directors and the Operations Manager ensures the association’s continual effectiveness at an operational level.

The membership of the NZAMI consists of a diverse group of highly experienced immigration advisers and lawyers who are committed to giving the best service possible to their clients, as well as a range of service providers who help migrants with important settlement matters, such as finding a job, banking, housing, relocation, and education.

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    Accredited Employer Work Visa

    A checklist is available on the INZ website that employers can use to ensure their Job Check application
    includes all the required information. Employers Job Check - Checklist

    Help refining employment agreements to ensure Employers meet all minimum
    requirements is available at: Employment Agreement Builder

    Green List occupations is available at: Green List

    Check if an employer is accredited: Immigration New Zealand

    Migrant Exploitation

    Migrant exploitation is behaviour that causes, or increases the risk of, material harm to the economic, social, physical or emotional well-being of a migrant worker. This includes breaches of minimum employment standards or breaches of health and safety and immigration laws. This excludes minor and insignificant breaches that are not constant and easily remedied.

    - Click here for information if you want to report an employer exploiting migrant workers

    If you are a migrant worker you have the same rights as New Zealand workers, and it is a crime for employers to exploit you. What to do if you feel you are being exploited.

    - Click here - Migrant exploitation - Your rights as a migrant worker