Licensed advisers


Licensed Advisers & the Immigration Advisers Authority

All New Zealand immigration advisers, whether they are based on-shore or off-shore, are required by law to be licensed with the New Zealand Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA), unless they are exempt. 

Full Members of the NZAMI are licensed professionals who are committed to high standards of service and to keeping well informed through continuing professional development.  We advise that you go to the 'Find an Adviser' tab on the website where you will be able to define a short list of licensed advisers who are also members of NZAMI.  

The Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007 promotes and protects the interests of people receiving immigration advice and aims to enhance the reputation of New Zealand as a premium migration destination.

The Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) is empowered by the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007 to regulate the immigration advice industry. Its role is to administer the licensing regime, maintain a public register of licensed immigration advisers and help with the education and pro fessional development of immigration advisers.

The Authority is also responsible for handling complaints. Anyone can make a complaint about a licensed immigration adviser or a former licensed immigration adviser. The Authority investigates and takes enforcement action in relation to offences under the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act.

The NZAMI is an independent professional association whose main aim is to support and provide benefits to its members, including continuing professional development. The association plays the vital role of advocacy within the profession and maintains close contact with the IAA and Immigration New Zealand.

Complaints against licensed advisers are now handled by the IAA and complaints against lawyers are handled by the New Zealand Law Society. The NZAMI, however, does follow a Code of Ethics which governs the professional conduct of its members.

If you have questions about the definition of immigration advice, licensing, or exemptions, please visit the IAA website or our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.