Membership Benefits

The NZAMI is an independent professional association whose main aim is to support and provide benefits to its members, including CPD

Membership has it's advantages!

NZAMI Cell Groups

NZAMI Cell Groups offer members the opportunity to work together and grow their knowledge and expertise, at no cost (aside from what they chose to pay for food and beverages), and include these meetings in their NZAMI CPD records.

The purpose of NZAMI cell groups is to develop members and increase their knowledge and proficiency, with the goal of all being competent and professional in the immigration industry.  It is also there to help remedy issues members may be experiencing as there will be attendees with a great deal of experience and expertise is differing areas.

Attending NZAMI Cell group meetings will also contribute to members CPD.

ONLY NZAMI members are eligible to claim CPD hours for attending Cell Group meetings, and the hours will be included in each individual member’s NZAMI profile page for ease.  The IAA is also able to confirm these CPD hours with the Secretary of NZAMI by requesting copies of sign-in sheets and the Agenda of meetings to verify member attendance etc.

Points to note:

  • Any NZAMI member can start a Cell Group and please refer to item 3 of Regulation 8,
  • Any Cell Group can invite a non-NZAMI member along for 2 meetings so they can see the benefit of Cell Groups; after that time they will need to either join NZAMI or abstain from attending future Cell Group meetings,
  • Cell Groups are there to bring together members in a non-threatening environment to discuss cases and issues and share experiences and knowledge,
  • Cell Group meetings are there to help you get to know those involved in your profession,
  • Use these Cell Group meetings to identify issues that you might have that may be prevalent throughout the membership but have possibly remained under the surface.  NZAMI can then consolidate and present as one major issue,
  • Your involvement counts towards your CPD and will be incorporated into your CPD record on the member side of the NZAMI website,
  • You can invite other Cell Group members to attend your group if you are discussing a similar topic
  • We have worked hard to assure the IAA of the CPD relevance of these meetings, and can confirm that NZAMI Cell Group meetings will continue to be included as CPD.

Professional Indemnity Insurance is now available for the industry

This has been tailored specifically for the needs of Immigration Advisers and a very competitive membership only price has been calculated for NZAMI members. 

As a member of NZAMI, you have access to Aon's Liability Insurance scheme which consists of the following policies: 

  • Professional Indemnity (PI)
  • General Liability (GL)
  • Statutory Liability (SL)
  • Employers Liability (EL)

Please note this covers both advisers and non-advisory staff employed in your business.

More information can be found on the Information Sheet and documentation found below:

NZAMI eNews Publication 

A monthly eNews publication is sent to all NZAMI members and is full of information valuable to anyone in the immigration industry.  All back editions are available for reading on the Member's Resources tab once logged in to your account on the NZAMI website.

Free or Half Price events

Under the 'Events' tab for the CPD recordings, we sometimes offer free or half price CPD events for members only.

Lower cost CPD events

Attending the live event and or purchasing the recordings of any NZAMI CPD events, including the annual conference, is much cheaper for a member vs a non-member.  You can compare those costs under the 'Events' tab.